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Brushed Charcoal
Brushed Platinum

PAX 2 Dry Herb Vaporiser

A masterpiece in vaporizing flower. With an oven that provides flavorful vapor, a vapor path that allows a smooth hit, long battery life, and sleek design, you’re ready for any adventure. Did we mention the PAX 2 won design awards?!
Matte Black
Matte Rose Gold
Matte Silver
Matte Teal

PAX 3 Basic Dry Herb Vaporiser

The ultimate portable cannabis vaporizer for dry herb and extracts.  The PAX 3 is powerful yet discreet, smart yet easy-to-use. Our engineering and technology gets the best out of your flower. Elevate your vapor experience to the highest degree with industry-leading heat technology, extended battery life, and a 2X powerful oven.