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Vitality CBD Vitamins Magnesium

This set of CBD Vitamins are all about returning the body to balance before rest. That’s why they include magnesium, well known for supporting your nervous system. Strength: 300mg (10mg per tablet) Scent: Flavourless Size: 30 tablets

Vitality CBD Vitamins Turmeric

This set of CBD Vitamins are all about maintenance of the body. That’s why they include vitamin D, known for supporting your immune system and usual function. Strength: 300mg (10mg per tablet) Scent: Ginger & Turmeric Size: 30 tablets

Vitality CBD Gummy Bears

Our delicious gummies are set to be the latest phenomenon. Indulge your sweet tooth and easily manage your daily CBD intake, all with 0% THC. Strength: 200mg (5mg per gum drop) Scent: Raspberry & Orange Size: 40 gum drops

Infused CBD Bath Salts 100mg

There’s no better way to take CBD than during deep relaxation, and what better way to unwind than with a naturally soothing bath? Soak your issues away today. Strength: 100mg Scent: Rose Size: 110g

Infused CBD Bath Bomb 100mg

One of our favourite ways to take CBD is to pause, sit back, and soak it in. Indulge in some self-care with our luxury CBD bath bomb, and enjoy its blend of naturally soothing aromas. Strength: 100mg Scent: Lavender & Chamomile Size: 100g

Infused CBD Face Mask 50ml

Our CBD Face Mask has a naturally refreshing feel to make your skincare ritual as luxurious as possible. Apply. Soothe. Relax. Treat your skin to a natural reward today. Strength: 300mg Scent: Fresh Fragrance, Argan Size: 50ml

Infused CBD Exfoliator 100ml

Exfoliating has never been easier than with our CBD Exfoliator. Our premium blend of ingredients work in conjunction to clear away dead skin cells, resulting in decongested pores. Strength: 100mg Scent: Fresh Fragrance, Cranberry Size: 100ml

Infused CBD After Sun 100ml

Looking after your skin isn’t just about a daily routine, it’s about taking the time to restore vitality to damaged skin. That’s where our CBD After Sun comes in. Strength: 100mg Scent: Fresh Fragrance Size: 100ml

Infused CBD Eye Serum 15ml

Our holistic CBD Eye Serum formula works on three key areas: to reduce puffiness, lighten the under-eye area, and gently smooth out fine lines. Strength: 300mg Scent: Argan, Fresh Fragrance Size: 15ml

Infused CBD Face Serum 30ml

Looking for an effective way to introduce CBD to your skincare routine? Our CBD Face Serum firms and lightens your face to promote clearer and brighter looking skin. Strength: 300mg Scent: Argan, Fresh Fragrance Size: 30ml

Infused CBD Cleanser 100ml

Our CBD Cleanser uses a unique formulation to gently but thoroughly remove skin pollutants. To ensure your skin is left clear and irritation-free, we guarantee no unwanted adulterants. Strength: 100mg Scent: Argan Size: 100ml

Infused CBD Dry Skin Cream

We know managing dry skin can be difficult. That’s why we’ve formulated a safe, clean CBD Dry Skin Cream designed to soothe and relieve damaged skin, and defend it against the elements. Strength: 200mg Scent: Shea Butter Size: 50ml